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Sia Ableist Movie Music Review 2023 is our today’s topic. Sia’s debut film, “Music,” is released for streaming on February 10, 2021. “Zu is sober when she learns she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister named Music. A little child on the autistic spectrum,” according to the YouTube description.

Sia Ableist Movie Music Review 2022

Sia Ableist’s favorite topics are explored throughout the film: discovering your voice and establishing a family.” The following is a New York Moments critic’s review. Which says, “The music diva Sia’s feature directorial debut. About an autistic youngster, at times feels indistinguishable from parody.”

Sia Ableist Movie Music Review 2023 Sia Music Movie

Over the last several days, social media sites such as Facebook. And Twitter have inundate with comments from two groups. Sia fans are defending the film and persons on the autism spectrum. And their supporters who are opposing it. And warning the public about how harmful, ableist, and disrespectful it is

On February 10, a YouTube uploader known as Tianasao posted a movie titled “Sia’s Movie. Another Autistic’s Response Because Y’all Won’t Listen.” It’s a very educational video, and I definitely recommend checking out her channel to get her whole take on the subject.

Tianasao tells how happy she was when she first heard about “Music” in this video. She observes that the majority of autistic actors in the media are white guys. Elliot from “Mr. Robot,” Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory”. And Forrest Gump from “Forrest Gump” are another example.

as well as Rain Man from “Rain Man.” So she is excited to discover that “Music” would be following a young female nonverbal person with autism. “Then the trailer came out, and things started. Becoming more upsetting on a weekly basis,” Tianasao explained.

She pointed out that Maddie Ziegler, the actress who portrays Music, is not autistic. While this is an issue, Tianasao claims that many people who read the film’s online criticism believe it.

That is the sole reason individuals with autism are dissatisfied with it: it is not. When the film’s trailer is published, many individuals turned to Twitter to express their initial disappointments and complaints. Sia resorted to Twitter to defend her film. refusing to listen to constructive criticism remarks.

“If you’re going to create a ‘love letter’ to a minority group. That has a history of misrepresentation in media, and that group informs. You that your work is continuing that misrepresentation, then you’re doing it wrong.” Then you have two choices: option one, listen to that group… Option two is to become angry with them, and brand them, bullies. And then profit,” Tianasao explained.

Another major concern that many people have with the video is Sia’s decision to link it with Autism Speaks. Which, according to their website, is the largest autism awareness group in the United States. Autism Speaks collaborated with Sia to promote the film, according to CBR News.

One Google search yields several sites showing why persons with autism do not support Autism Communicates. According to one Forbes article, Autism Speaks has a “poor track record of demonstrating respect for autistic people.”

One example is their obnoxious ‘I am autistic’ video from 2009. which promises frightening, scary autism that ‘knows where you live’. And ‘works quicker than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined.'”

Sia Ableist and Autism Speak both stated on social media that their collaboration began after the film had already been completed. Tianasao believes Sia was hoping for the organization’s approval.

Back in April 2020, some Sia admirers sent her Tweets warning her to avoid Autism Speaks. And she responded, thanking them for bringing Autism Speaks’ reputation to her notice. So, to be honest, there are justifications for this organization’s engagement

Sia has also said that she spent three years researching before creating “Music.” If this is the case, Sia has double responsibility for her detriment. And the stereotyped portrayal of persons with autism.

Sia responded to Twitter after getting criticism for hiring Ziegler on the part of a nonverbal kid with autism. Explaining that she had tried to work with a nonverbal actress with autism before bringing Ziegler on.

“I tried working with a lovely young girl on the spectrum. Who is nonverbal, and she found it unpleasant and distressing.” “That’s why I cast Maddie [Ziegler],” Sia said on Twitter.

Sia Ableist revealed in a 2015 interview that she ” created a movie for her [Ziegler].” This is an interview in relation to “Music” Is Sia asking people to think that when she created the film for Ziegler? She meant for the first actress to portray Music?

When you put “ableism” into a search engine, the top result is “discrimination against able-bodied persons” ( Even with this basic knowledge, it is evident that Sia Ableist’s decision to change.

The actress rather than the actress’ environment was ableist. In an attempt to downplay her ableism, Sia Ableist told The Project, “I understood it wasn’t ableism… I mean, it’s ableism… But, it is nepotism.” She said, “I can’t complete a project without her [Ziegler].” I’m not interested. I wouldn’t do art if that were the case. she wasn’t included.” She is not only refusing accountability. But she is also disclosing the nature of her tight connection with Ziegler.

Sia approached Ziegler when she was 11 years old and asked her to act in one of her music videos. Sia is now Ziegler’s godmother, and Ziegler has referred to Sia as her second mother. Staying at the pop star’s home as she does with her own parents. When they began filming “Music,” Ziegler was 14 years old.

Sia Ableist said to The Project that Ziegler was uneasy with the role of Music at the start of production. “She [Ziegler] sobbed on the first day of rehearsals because she was terrified.” She stated, “I don’t want people to think I’m mocking them.”

According to Slate, “it’s not difficult to see where Ziegler might have gotten that idea.” Ziegler groans, hums, and strikes herself in the opening five minutes of ‘Music.’ She exaggerates her overbite by thrusting her upper jaw forward. The first musical number then begins. Ziegler twitches and lurches around again.

But this time with backing dancers and brilliant yellow costumes.” Rachel Israel, the director of the 2017 film “Keep The Change,” might have inspired Sia Ableist. Throughout the filming process, Israel collaborated with two autistic protagonists.

Israel told the Associated Press that filming this film helped her mature. And made her “far more mindful as a filmmaker,” because she had to work quite between the two stars. But, as Tianasao points out in her video. This is what directors are meant to do: work with their performers’ abilities.

It’s also worth noting that the original “Music” actress’s role is supposed to feature her impairment as a part of the character, storyline, and environment. The director should reevaluate their set design. If a nonverbal actor with autism is having difficulty with the scene. And surrounds the nonverbal role with autism she is supposed to play with.

Indeed, movie footage reveals huge, colorful, and loud musical numbers. And dance routines that are believed to be happening in Music’s head. Tianasao says she doesn’t have a full musical in her thoughts because “I’d have a meltdown if I did.”

Even if you ignore Sia’s tone-deaf message of “Wow, see, she can’t talk, but she can actually think.” Isn’t it amazing?” is how “Ziegler, who is not autistic, always has her lips open with a broad grin. And exaggerates facial emotions like Marcel Marceau.” It’s a heightened replica that never sounds genuine and borders on mocking.”

Many individuals were outraged by the exaggerated representation of a nonverbal person in this film with autism Jordana Golbourn, a Twitter user. And “community theatre creator,” puts it: “This is wrong, and there are no excuses.” You should know better than to put able-bodied.

And neurotypical [people] in charge of representing the handicapped population. It’s quite insulting, as is the character’s infantilization. Sickened. And it wasn’t even captioned. “Do not make this public.”

To make matters worse, Tianasao claims that the video not only normalizes restraining an autistic youngster who is experiencing a tantrum. This technique of restraining children in prone conditions while they are having a meltdown has already killed them.

Children with autism and is now prohibited in many areas due to its tremendous hazard. In “Music,” but, they call this act of physical restriction “crushing someone with your love” which promotes and romanticizes the habit.

Tianasao adds in her video that Sia’s team contacted Communication First, an organization operated by. And for non-speaking persons with autism. And invited a committee of people with autism to see the film. But, when Communication First came out with comments, Sia’s team disregarded them.

Communication First, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. And the Alliance Against Seclusion Restrain issued a unified statement condemning the film.

According to their joint statement, which was released on February 3. “Music’s constraint scenes would do harm to autistic persons.” Because many autistic persons have subject to constraints, some will disturb the film. The film also implies that persons having meltdowns should confine, which is completely false.

Those behind the film are advocating a traumatic and potentially lethal kind of restraint that is outlawed in over 30 US jurisdictions by not eliminating the restraint sequences or even offering a warning… We are disappointed that the MUSIC team is unwilling to take even the most basic safeguards to reduce the inevitable harm.

And significant pain caused by the film for many nonspeaking and autistic persons. MUSIC not only perpetuates negative misconceptions of autistic individuals, but it also portrays constraints that have killed members of our community as essential and loving deeds… This picture should never create and should never have been broadcast.”

Following the release of this statement, Sia took to Twitter, writing, “‘MUSIC’ in no way condones or supports the use of restriction on autistic individuals… Sia also apologized on Twitter and vowed to “delete the constraint scenes from future printings.”

Another major issue with “MUSIC” is that it is a sign of how society regards individuals with impairments in general. Tianasao used a TED Talk by Stella Young, an Australian comedian, and writer. And disability rights activists to prove. That “Music” is intended to empower the wrong people: non-disabled people.

“I am not here to inspire you,” Young explains at the start of her TED Talk. I’m here to inform you that we are misled about disability. Young utilizes this opening to assist the audience comprehend how, as a culture. We objectify persons with disabilities to inspire or encourage non-disabled people.

“Music” is guilty of doing this, of turning a crippled person into a source of inspiration for non-disabled people. To emphasize this point, the interviewer for Variety compares Music’s character to a wig, adding.

“There’s this lady who can’t communicate, you know, she may as well be an inanimate thing, like a wig.” Except there’s so much going on in there,” Sia responded. “I want people to realize there’s someone in there, and don’t talk about them as if they’re not there.

“These are only my thoughts repulsive. Sia Ableist and the interviewer, as Tianasao points out. Are establishing the very lowest expectations for this character, even comparing her to an item. As a result, they positioned her as inspirational and extraordinary for being human. “It’s not forceful; it’s condescending,” Tianasao stated.

Nonetheless, Sia’s admirers are spreading good reviews online to silence real criticism of the film. “That’s what you get when you decide to make it acceptable to fight against. A minority population in real life rather than empowering them in your movie,” Tianasao explained.

Sia Ableist Twitter account is deactivated on February 22. “Music” is still nominated for two Golden Globes. Best Picture – Musical/Comedy and Best Actress – Musical/Comedy. She is nominated for Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy for her performance as Music’s elder sister.

Tianasao added at the end of her video. “What individuals with disabilities need isn’t for others to captivate them. They want people to quit acting as though they are certain. Because they are not; they have different constraints. Hope you Enjoy reading our article Sia Ableist Movie Music Review 2023.

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