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The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie All Details 2023 is our today’s topic. During this moment of crisis, the United States began employing carrier pigeons to deliver. And receive snail mail around a month ago. For a few weeks, the birds were outperforming the United States Postal Service. Transporting mail from North Dakota to Florida in a single day.

The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie All Details 2023

Scientists began to suspect foul play, claiming that a real bird could never be so far and so. “It’s impossible, particularly for the pigeons.” New York birds have flown all the way to Las Vegas in three hours: they are far too out of shape for such a journey. You don’t quit eating bread crumbs.

The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie All Details

Do you want to a marathon today?” Sandra Songbird, a bird specialist, stated. What began months ago as a humorous conspiracy idea for America’s young has now been confirmed to be true the birds are, in fact, working for the bourgeoisie.

“They’re not working for any bourgeoise…they’re working for the Russian bourgeoisie.” remarked comrade Connie Crawford. This was first revealed when the Russian government intercepted. The president’s vulgar self-portrait and released on Facebook.

Darlings for Donald, the official Trump fan group, went crazy about the artwork. And made it viral before realizing it wasn’t meant for their eyes. “It was the birds that did it. They are envious of my long, fluffy hair. My featheriest hair is hair. “Every bird wants my hair,” stated the president.

The president was correct, but the birds had no malicious purpose of their own; they were not actual birds. Rather, the Russian bourgeoisie worked with American billionaires such as Jeff Bezos. Baby Mr. Peanut and Miss Piggy develop artificial birds to spy on the American people.

“I knew something was wrong when I said anarchy over the phone. And the birds started screaming ‘shut up dirty, blue-haired liberal,'” said Emma Chambers, a member of Barbz for Bernie.

Currently, the US government is doing little to address this issue. For some reason, they have only proposed sending private communications over telephony And investing in those 5G-blocking bracelets. Hope you enjoy reading our article The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie All Details.

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