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Craig Mason Stoughton Wi Dubuque Prostitution Sting 2023 is our today’s topic. Dubuque police detained 11 males for soliciting prostitutes after a two-day sting operation. Craig Mason, a lecturer in the Performing. And Visual Arts Department at UW-Platteville is┬árecognized as one of the males.

Craig Mason Stoughton Wi Dubuque Prostitution Sting

Craig Mason Stoughton Wi Dubuque Prostitution Sting 2023

According to Iowa Courts Case Search, the prostitution accusation, in this case, is an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in jail and a $6,250 fine. One of the 11 men will also face marijuana and methamphetamine possession charges, As well as drug paraphernalia charges.

There was no public announcement from UW-Platteville following Mason’s arrest. Wisconsin employment regulations prohibit employees from fire following. An arrest or conviction unless the charge is connected to their job employment. Mason is now on administrative leave.

Mason’s classes were notified of his absence by email from the university, which stated. The institution has placed Mr. Mason on administrative leave.” Please arrive on time for your courses.

As we will have one of our outstanding faculty members conduct your course to ensure. that you continue your high-quality educational experience.”

The operation is carried out by detectives who constructed internet advertising for prostitution websites. According to the Dubuque Police Department. This is not considered entrapment because the males were all involved in communication.

Before the police invited them to conduct the crime. Dubuque Police also stated that making these sorts of arrests may assist with the state’s human trafficking issue. country because prostitutes and human traffickers are linked. Hope you enjoy reading our article Craig Mason Stoughton Wi Dubuque Prostitution Sting.

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