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Best Guide On How To Earn Money Playing Online 2023 is our today’s topic. You can play online to earn money. Playing online games also allows you to play in the comfort of your home and enjoy online casino ratings. You can also choose whether to work part-time or full-time playing online.

Playing online is easy; you don’t have to be a live-stream gamer to earn money. All you need is to select the right platforms and games. Some games to play and earn money are fighting games, casino games, word games, arcade games, and slot games.

Keep reading for more on how to earn money playing online!!

Best Guide On How To Earn Money Playing Online 2023

Best Guide On How To Earn Money Playing Online 2023

Video Game Coaching

One of the ways you can earn money online; is through video game coaching in that you coach competitive matches and provide guidelines and information concerning a particular game.

In addition, you can also offer game coaching by uploading videos on YouTube or even writing and publishing guides on your website. To become a game coach, you must have teaching skills and experience as a gamer, among others.

As a video game coach, you can earn 20-200 Dollars per hour based on your level of expertise. The more expert you are, the more you can charge clients.

Game Tester

Before developers release a game, they need people who can test that particular game by playing and looking for issues the game developer needs.

As a game tester, you also need to tell the developer the state in which that game is, for instance, if it’s fun, easy to play, or vice-versa. This helps the developer to improve the game.

To become a game tester, you must have good playing skills, follow instructions, and communicate feedback.

Start A Gaming YouTube Channel

Apart from the game tester, you can also start a gaming YouTube channel and grow it up to where you can monetize it. You can start by shooting videos and editing them before uploading them. In addition, you need to have engaging content as it will start to build an audience.

For instance, you can decide to interview different game developers and give your audience current news updates on various games. Furthermore, you can do game reviews, which will help your audience know different games with their pros or cons.

To have a gaming YouTube channel, ensure you have game expertise and engaging and entertaining content.

Stream On Twitch

You can also earn money by streaming on Twitch. It also has a monetization structure where you need to have more followers.

In addition, each monetized streamer also enjoys 5 Dollars for every subscriber who visits their channel. Twitch also allows you to get support from your fans by asking them for donations.

Become a Game Developer

Besides streaming on Twitch, you can also become a game developer to earn money. You’ll need to have skills such as graphic design, passion, and be creative. In companies like Ubisoft and EA, you earn 83,000 dollars as an average salary.

As a game developer, you can work as an individual and earn through game sales or work with a company.

Become A Professional Gamer

Another way to earn playing online is by becoming a professional gamer where you compete globally. You need to have a game that you are good at when playing, then become an expert in that particular game.

Professional gamers also participate in tournaments playing games such as League of Legends, Valorant, FIFA, Counter-Strike, and others, where they win millions.

Work In Customer Service For A Game

You can also earn money online by working in customer service for a game. You need to have good communication skills and be able to offer support and services to gamers. In addition, ensure you have mastered the game well to get all the information to offer the service.


You can turn your favorite game that you enjoy the most into earning you a living. In addition, all you need is the skills and knowledge to achieve it. We have discussed a guide on how to earn money playing online and hope you’ll consider it for you to have excellent results.

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