7 NFL Entertainment Movies That You Must Watch

7 NFL Entertainment Movies That You Must Watch 2023

7 NFL Entertainment Movies That You Must Watch 2023 is our today’s topic. Super Bowl season flows with a few things; ice-cold beer, snacks, NFL odds, and a few football movies to prepare you for the awaited game.

Luckily for you, the known American sport has motivated a few tremendous and popular movies, from comedy to drama and romance movies, remembering child-friendly movies like the little giants. All of these with both real and fictional characters.

If you want to pass the time, have a good time with friends, or enjoy a great laugh, you must watch the following films to get you in the football mood.

7 NFL Entertainment Movies That You Must Watch 2023

7 NFL Entertainment Movies That You Must Watch 2023

Varsity Blues 1999

Unlike the usual expectation of a significant backup quarterback, where you are lowkey rooting for the starter to get an injury so you can get your moment in the spotlight, Varsity 1999 is a bit different.

William James, cast as Dawson Leery, portrays a hungry benchwarmer longing for a scholarship. Eventually, he ends up being the main star of this movie after a fantastic player, Paul Walker, gets injured.

After joining the team, he learns the secrets of the football team, like the girls and strip clubs, all under the wrath of their cruel coach, Jon Voight.

The Waterboy 1998

Adam Sandler playing Bobby Boucher Jr in The Waterboy is where we will remember his character the most. In this film, the 55-year-old plays a 31-year-old Cajun mama boy, the son of Cathy Bates.

He is famous for keeping his mates perfectly hydrated with “quality h2o” and is about as bright as a box of rocks.

However, behind his low intelligence, he turns out to be a football star who plays as a linebacker for the University of Louisiana. You can thank his bottled-up frustrations for his shift from a socially awkward boy to a fierce linebacker.

Friday Night Lights(2004)

Bob Thornton serves his signature surly character in the film as the head coach of a football team that had just lost the star player to an injury.

Friday Night Light builds its story from a team struggling to stay united. It is up to the coach to instil confidence in the team of Permian high school in texas that they can continue their winning streak without the star player.

It is wise that you note that Friday Night light is an adaptation of Bissinger’s novel, the Texas football team.

Brian’s Song (1971)

This film was formerly presented as an ABC Movie of the Week and was adapted from “I am Third,” an autobiography by Gale sayers.

It lays the foundation of the friendship between Gale and his white teammate, Brian Piccolo; who realises that he is dying from cancer, which had initially started as hostility in the civil rights era; The film paints an image of a desirable friendship between the two great leads.

Draft Day (2014)

Kelvin Costner stars as Sonny Weaver, the agitated manager of the Cleveland Browns. In this film, he portrays a cocky aged jock struggling to balance his personal life and the awaited draft day.

However, he has allowed saving his team by trading for number one, which leaves him with two impossible choices- to pick a low-ranking linebacker with a defined future, or a famous quarterback with an uncertain future.

Remember The Titans(2000)

Based on a true story, “Remember the Titans” is a film where Denzel Washington stars as Herman Boone. He portrays a no-nonsense head coach whose principal responsibility is to bring together both black and white football players of Williams high school.

In this film, you will see him give a colossal performance that becomes an asset for his name over the years as his character grows into a more tolerant community.

The film serves as an example of the importance of building racial harmony despite the challenges faced.

Heaven Can Wait (1978)

This romantic fantasy is all about second chances. “Heaven can wait”, rejoins the star, LA quarterback Joe Pendleton, with his shampoo Lady, Julie Christie.

In the film, after landing his first job, Joe dies in a biking accident on his way home because of an angelic error. But because he wasn’t supposed to die yet, he gets a second chance at life with the love of his life, Julie, in the body of a murdered industrialist.

It is a chance to do things again after messing them up.


As you wait for the following slate of games to kick off, football movies are a great way to get yourself in the mood. They are films with lots of action and goosebumps scenes that will make your time worthwhile.

They are the only films that cause a 40-year-old man to shed tears. You can stream them from youtube, amazon prime, Vudu, and iTunes, to mention a few.

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