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Ranking The Top Basketball Video Game Franchises On The Market is our today’s topic. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with amazing NBA expert picks. The National Basketball Association is famous; thus, game designers and developers constantly create numerous NBA-themed games. They can be played on these platforms, including PCs, consoles, mobile devices, and arcades.

From the NBA 2K League, which features gaming teams for 21 of the league’s teams, to Josh Hart and Reggie Jackson competing at Fortnite Pro-Am Epic Games’ Summer Block Party, it is almost impossible to enter an NBA locker room without seeing at least a few players preparing to play their favorite video game including basketball themed video games.

Top Basketball Video Game Franchises On The Market 2023

Top Basketball Video Game Franchises On The Market 2023


Even after 20 years, NBA Jam remains one of the best NBA video games of all time. It has grossed over $1 billion, making it the most profitable arcade sports game.

NBA Jam is unique in that it violates the rules of physics. The players can dunk by leaping higher than science allows. In addition to being a two-on-two game, there are no fouls or free throws. NBA Jam is comparable to NFL Street, one of the most underestimated series of sports video games.

This game is ideal for individuals with less basketball knowledge and a desire for fast-paced action. No game has ever surpassed NBA Jam in terms of entertaining and exhilarating gameplay.

NBA 2K23

Following the success of NBA 2K22, Visual Concepts and 2K Sports have developed the newest installment of their renowned basketball game series primarily for next-generation systems.

There are many more game types in NBA 2K23, including a few that you’ll fall in love with. The Jordan Challenge is an interactive timeline depicting Michael Jordan’s illustrious basketball career from 1982, when he won the NCAA championship with the University of North Carolina, through 1998, when he defeated the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals.

The pro stick and shooting receive the most attention, but the stamina system affects gameplay significantly. Every time a player gets possession of the ball, they receive three “adrenaline boosts” that allow them to sprint faster, and the enhancements expire once they perform the complex maneuvers or sprints.

NBA 2K18

Basketball games are the finest example of how 2K Games has dominated the sports game market. Since they have released a new 2K game every year for the past two decades, they have enjoyed a virtual stranglehold on the genre.

NBA 2K18 is one of the top basketball simulation video games developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

NBA 2K18 features a full career mode, a MyGM mode, and various online game types, similar to previous installments.

The most challenging aspect of the 2K series is creating a game that feels refined and innovative while simultaneously superior to the prior year’s title. It is not always simple, but NBA 2K18 achieved it successfully.

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 went above and beyond Michael Jordan’s presence on the cover. Its gameplay, graphics, and music were all incredible when it was released, and they remain so today. NBA 2K11 was a work of art.

When you play the game, it brings back memories and makes you feel excited. This only gets the game so far, though, because each component must function flawlessly to be the finest. As expected, it performed well in every area, including appearance, playability, performance, and sound. In almost every regard, the game was the best basketball video game we had ever seen.

The game also featured iso dribbles, the always-difficult Jordan challenge, and some of the greatest NBA teams ever. There were legendary teams such as the 1989–1990 Pistons, the 1985–1986 Celtics, and the 1999–2000 Los Angeles Lakers. For basketball enthusiasts, this game seemed like a trip through time. You felt like you were in a different era when you played it.

NBA 2K16

NBA 2k16 is a fantastic game if you appreciate beautiful visuals and how the players appear. Users are not shocked that this game’s visuals have been enhanced to provide a superior experience.

This game is an excellent choice for gamers due to its realism and variety of play styles.

NBA 2K16 was arguably one of the best games 2K had ever created. The best story you will ever see on MyCareer has been selected. The game also featured the popular ProAm, MyLeague, and MyGM modes, which are suitable for all basketball enthusiasts.

The game’s primary objective was to make it more realistic, which was accomplished through various methods. By adding tattoos, body scanning helped NBA players appear more natural.

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